Turn Your Basement Into a New Room

Turn Your Basement Into a New Room

Choose basement finishing by Elite Renovations of Parker, CO

When was the last time that you entered your basement? Was it a dreary, stale place? It doesn't have to be. Your basement can become a useful, enjoyable room with the basement finishing work of Elite Renovations, LLC.

Elite Renovations works in and around Parker, CO, remodeling spaces like your basement. Remodel with us to see your basement transformed into a bedroom, home theater or game room.

Will a remodeled basement really feel like a new room?

When you remodel your basement, the last thing you want is for it to have the same cramped, stagnant atmosphere that it had before. You won't have to worry about that. Your basement will feel like whole new place once our basement finishing work is complete.

We'll ensure this by:

  • Giving the basement a new look, with flooring and wall updates
  • Making the basement a functional room, with lighting and electrical wiring
  • Installing an egress window, for natural light and for compliance with building codes
  • Adding a bathroom to the space, to complete this level of your home

We'll do whatever it takes to create a wonderful, new space in your basement. Remodel with us, and you'll love the results. Begin your project today by calling 720-819-0790.